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Everlasting homes, thanks to Insulated Concrete Formwork

New Zealand news and information website Stuff have recently published a Shorcom article that describes the world-leading construction method of Insulated Concrete Formwork.

Our CEO Anthony was quoted in this article saying: "Building quality and integrity is paramount to achieving performance and longevity – I believe that every new house should be good for at least 100 years. At the moment many of them simply aren't going to be." This is the foundation of why we choose to build from ICF over all other building materials and construction methodologies. The structural integrity of ICF creates high quality homes that are built to last the test of time. This is our solution to the several issues that Kiwi homes currently face.

Structurally sound, temperature control, earthquake resistant, fireproof, soundproof, cost effective, and more - these are just a few of the reasons that make ICF a leading construction method to look out for and consider for your next project. 

Read the original Stuff article here: