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Total Transparency Is Our Approach To Project Management

In today's rapidly evolving construction landscape, where projects are becoming increasingly complex and deadlines more demanding, the need for transparent management has never been greater.

At Shorcom, we understand that clear communication and effective oversight are crucial for project success. Our client-side services are designed to ensure every aspect of your construction project is managed with precision and openness, giving you the confidence and control you need to navigate these high-stakes times.

As a client side project manager, we transparently oversee construction project management on behalf of the client and serve as an intermediary between the client and all stakeholders involved in the project.

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Providing Process Validation Assurance For The Client And Stakeholders

We provide documented evidence of every aspect of the project to protect and provide assurance to all project stakeholders. This is achieved through utilisation of cloud-based management software Buildertrend®.


Building Affordable And High-Quality Homes For New Zealand Communities

Check out some of our projects under construction below:


Where Do You Fit On The Project Timeline?

Regardless of the stage your project is at, whether it is starting from scratch or ready for construction, we will tailor a construction project management solution for you at a fixed project management fee.


Prioritising Sustainable Construction Solutions That Perform Above Code

Build for the future, not just for today. With New Zealand manufactured Insulated Concrete Formwork we are able to future-proof our builds to ensure that they will last and meet expected future build code requirements.

How does Shorcom address challenges?

Construction project management challenges that arise are promptly addressed and resolved through open communication and clear problem-solving strategies. This enables staff to be well equipped to navigate unforeseen events with confidence.

How does Shorcom provide transparency?

To provide transparency and isolate risk between projects, each project is separately operated through a unique Special Purpose Vehicle. This will have a separate bank account, Xero, and third-party bookkeeping to keep it IRD-auditable at any point in time.

Are there any hidden project costs?

Shorcom does not mark up any costs with hidden margins. Pricing is open-book and at cost. Initial cost estimates are presented to the client through a feasibility report. The client has access to ongoing project budget information.

Do I have access to project documents?

Clients of Shorcom will have access to all source documentation for their project. Through a Client Portal within project management software Buildertrend, clients are able to view project documents.


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