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Cloud-Based Management, 
Process Validation Assurance.


Keeping track of all source documentation

There is documented evidence of every aspect of the project to protect and provide assurance to the client. This is achieved through our cloud-based management software Buildertrend®. We allow the client project access through their own client portal. Here they are able to view the status of their project each day and view all source documentation uploaded by the project managers.


Cloud-based for efficiency and security

Shorcom managed projects use cloud-based management software Buildertrend®. The cloud-based management allows for access of the data regardless of location, as well as protecting the data itself. Shorcom clients have process validation assurance with access to their project via a Buildertrend Client Portal - here they are able to view project status and source documents.


A closer look at cloud-based project management

By using the cloud-based project management software Buildertrend® we are able to meticulously manage and monitor every aspect of the project. The client is able to see what is happening at any time.


Shorcom utilises the cloud-based project management software Buildertrend for the entire duration of the project.

Live Schedule

A live schedule provides a real-time reflection of the current project status and the timeline of upcoming project phases.

Site Photos

Once the project reaches construction, photos will be taken on site and uploaded to Buildertrend to view site activities.

Daily Logs

Each day a project manager will make a log entry into Buildertrend to document all project updates occurring within the day.


All source documents received relating to the project are uploaded to Buildertrend - these are viewable by the client.


Job costs are tracked within the budgets section. Budgets integrate information from Estimates, Bills and Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders with the source quote are able to be tracked and marked for completion - tying into the project Budget.

Bids & Tenders

Contractors are able to bid their services for the project with our bid packages that are sent out to our contacts suitable for the job.

Subs & Vendors

All of our trade partners are invited to participate in Buildertrend at no cost. All of our contacts are listed in this database.

Project Management

Shorcom serves as the client-side project manager to monitor all aspects of the project on behalf of the client. Project progress is recorded clearly through transparent project management.

Service Outline:

The core principle of Shorcom's Project Management service is charging a fixed fee for running the entire project for you at cost and open book. The advantages of Shorcom managing your project are bulk buying power and scale. As we have the optimum number of homes for every project, and multiple ventures underway at any time, we are able to leverage these economies of scale to deliver you a cheaper build price. Our project management team include skilled engineers and QS and our operations are thoroughly documented with process validation. The project management fee is a contractual arrangement for this service.

Agreement Summary:

  • A project entity form is created to suit the clients needs.

  • The land owner provides the preliminaries funding for Resource & Building Consent; alternatively, Shorcom's funder can advance preliminaries finance from land equity secured by first mortgage, and a personal guarantee from the land owner.

  • Shorcom is engaged as the project management company. The project management fee is a contractual arrangement to be paid monthly. We always operate through open-book accounting, at cost, validated by source documents.

  • The land owner provides the construction funding; or, alternatively again, our funder can provide finance once Resource & Building Consent is granted.

  • Approximately 80% - 90% of the total site works are from fixed-price contractors; the remaining 10% - 20% is from Longevity Construction employees, who build the superstructure from ICF, as well as any other site works.

  • On completion and settlement, any funder is paid first, and then the land owner retains 100% of the project profit.


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