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Construction Solutions That Redefine Industry Standards.


Residential construction expertise

Shorcom excels in the management of residential construction. Our passionate project managers ensure your project meets high council standards. We have experience with the following types of builds:

  • Apartment buildings

  • Townhouses

  • Standalone houses

Construction system flexibility

Our current project construction systems include:

  • Insulated Concrete Formwork

  • Timber Framing

Shorcom is proudly using New Zealand manufactured ICF construction for many of our projects. We also take on timber frame build projects if this suits the client best.


World leading construction system Insulated Concrete Formwork

Insulated Concrete Formwork is an advanced and innovative building technology that meets New Zealand Building Standards and exceeds minimums required by code.

ICFs are hollow, lightweight, insulated forms that are erected at the construction site. The forms are easy to assemble due to their lightweight material and are stacked on top of each other on-site.

The forms are typically filled with 150mm of poured-in-place, waterproofed, reinforced concrete. Unlike traditional concrete forms, which are removed after the concrete cures, ICFs are left in place.


Consider ICF for your next project

Build for the future, not just for today. With NZ ICF construction, which is manufactured locally, we are able to future-proof our builds to ensure that they will last and meet expected future build code requirements.


ICF's remarkable sustainability in the Building Lifecycle Assessment

Building life cycle assessments are measured across four phases, analysing the environmental impact and level of energy consumption a building has across its entire lifespan. This data allows us to select solutions that will reduce the carbon footprint. 

By conducting this assessment we are able to see that ICF performs very well when compared with alternative construction systems. The highest energy consumption in a build is during the 'use' phase.

Because of the exceptional insulation qualities and thermal efficiency provided in an ICF build, the residents will be using much less electricity heating and cooling the home. Additionally, due to the structural integrity of an ICF build, there is very low ongoing maintenance required which again reduces energy consumption.

As a result, ICF shows to be a sustainable construction option that produces less carbon emissions across the entire lifespan of the building. 


Solving leaky-home issues with weathertight construction

We are using NZ ICF construction as a solution for the leaky homes issue present across the country. Poor weathertightness in residential construction is a large contributor to leaky homes in New Zealand. Waterproof concrete is a building material that shows fantastic weathertightness performance in construction.

A building's ability to keep water from penetrating through the external envelope is known as weatherightness. The wet and windy weather in New Zealand necessitates the use of appropriate building materials and techniques to prevent water damage. This is why we choose to fill our ICF forms with waterproofed concrete.

This concrete is made waterproof using a KIM mineral additive that has received Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) approval. This is the same material used for swimming pools in order to hold water without needing a waterproof coating.

Water is not able to penetrate through the concrete, therefore there is no absorption, swelling or cracking. Additionally, it is composed of inert materials, which prevents decay and degradation.


The insulated forms are filled with reinforced concrete. The strength of the concrete and double layer of insulation is designed to withstand earthquakes & cyclones.

Thermal Efficiency

Warm in winter, cool in summer. The exceptional insulation properties of ICF provide comfortable living with an R-Value exceeding 4.2.


ICF comes in many shapes and sizes & isn't limited to restrictive designs. The blocks can be cut to shape around windows and doors with a hot knife.


ICF are manufactured with fire retardant properties resulting in a smaller combustible material - the forms would melt, not ignite. They achieve a 4hr. fire rating.


Waterproof concrete is the best material for weathertightness performance. Water does not absorb into the concrete so it will not swell or crack.


ICF greatly reduces sound pollution making it an optimal material to build with for shared walls, with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 55+.


ICF block waste can be recycled to create other blocks or be used as soil aeration material for plants, landscapes, compost heaps and drainage materials.


The lightweight blocks are easily assembled on site with their simple stacking design. The concrete is then poured in place by the team.

Cost Effective

Low costs, high quality. Quick installation due to the lightweight blocks reduces labour costs, this also removes the need for expensive assembly equipment.


Timber or ICF?

Get in touch with us today and see which construction system is right for you.

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