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Frequently Asked


Where are you based?

Shorcom's head office is located at 199A Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland. Contact us to arrange an appointment at our office.

Majority of the projects we manage are based in Auckland. However, we do manage projects outside of this district.

What does your internal company structure look like?

Shorcom is lead by our sole Director and founder, Anthony Corin. We operate in an open-plan office environment, with team members spread across sectors:

  • Projects

  • Acquisitions

  • Design

  • Accounts

Each project is assigned a Project Manager Lead, and two additional Project Managers to support the project. The current status of all projects is discussed every morning in a team meeting, to keep consistently on track and to gain professional input from the entire team. Together, we work to provide the best experience for you.

How does Shorcom provide transparency?

To provide transparency and isolate risk between projects, each project is separately operated through a unique Special Purpose Vehicle. This will have a separate bank account, Xero, and third-party bookkeeping to keep it IRD-auditable at any point in time.

How does Shorcom address challenges?

Project challenges that arise are promptly addressed and resolved through open communication and clear problem-solving strategies. This enables staff to be well equipped to navigate unforeseen events with confidence.

Project Management

Why should I use a project management service?

Developing property can be overwhelming to those inexperienced or who do not have professional connections. We will do all of the hard work for you leaving no stone unturned. Our knowledgeable team have established and maintained strong relationships with our network of frequent collaborators - builders, trades, and consultants. We have encountered and overcome a variety of obstacles that can arise during a project, our experienced and solution-driven team will keep on top of all tasks. We will work to deliver your project on time and within budget.

What can I build on my land?

Every site is different and requires a uniquely tailored approach to find the best build option to suit your budget and meet your return expectations. Our team are able to investigate your site to determine the best options. Get in touch with us to discover what you will be able to build.

How long does a project take to complete?

This depends on several factors such as:

  • The stage the project comes into our hands i.e. whether that is project inception or build-only.

  • Size of the project

  • Type of build

  • Construction system used

  • Council delay

For an average-sized townhouse project, you would be looking at 18 months from start to finish.

How can I keep track of my project?

Clients of Shorcom will have access to all source documentation for their project. Through a Client Portal within project management software Buildertrend, clients are able to view project documents. The client portal is available on both desktop view and through the official Buildertrend mobile app.

What if I live in another city or overseas?

This is not a problem! You do not need to live in Auckland in order to engage us. Our clients are kept well informed through email, phone, and Zoom video meetings. Our team will provide you with daily updates on your project and will inform you of any received documents and photos - no matter where you are currently located.


How much does it cost to request an initial site assessment package?

Nothing! We offer a complimentary site assessment package (feasibility report, concept design, consultation) to all of our new clients. This package is valued at $2,500 and is offered at no cost to you. We want to help you understand the potential of your site before you make a larger commitment.

How much is my project expected to cost and how much profit would I gain?

These figures will be determined by a site assessment and feasibility report unique to your site, location, type of build, and market conditions. Get in touch with us to understand the costs involved and expected profit margin upon project completion.

How expensive are your consultant options?

We have many consultant contacts who submit bids for work on several aspects of the project. You will be able to view the bid packages that display these service quotes. If you have a particular consultant you wish to use - we can select this for you. To be expected - pricing is dependent on project scale. Due to our strong connections with our frequent collaborators and bulk buying scale, we are able to pass on discounts directly to our clients.

How much will it cost for my project to be managed by Shorcom?

Shorcom charges a fixed project management fee that is payable monthly. This will be outlined in your contractual agreement. You will be able to review the management fee in your uniquely tailored feasibility report.

Are there any hidden project costs?

Shorcom does not mark up any costs with hidden margins. Pricing is open-book and at cost. Initial cost estimates are presented to the client through a feasibility report. The client has access to ongoing project budget information.


Who will be building our project?

The team at Longevity Construction will be responsible for the build of your project. We have subcontractors that we regularly collaborate with across multiple projects.

What construction systems do you use?

We are currently working on projects using timber framing and other projects that use insulated concrete formwork construction. Upon site assessment we can generate a feasibility report showing cost differences for each system. We generally encourage the use of ICF construction due to the brilliant quality of the final build and the appeal in the market. We are passionate about building homes for the future generations that will last and be comfortable - ICF is an outstanding solution that will result in a top-notch build.

The construction industry can fluctuate, how do you deal with this and keep costs down?

By leveraging our economies of scale, we are able to drive down prices across all of our suppliers, consultants, and subcontractors. We value the relationships we have built and continue to select these people for all of our projects - supplying them a steady stream of business. In return, this ensures pricing stays low. This continues across every new project that we collaborate together on.

Due to our ICF method of construction, we resolve supply-chain issues. ICF is a form of construction that is less affected. We ensure all materials are planned well in advance and ordered ahead of time.

Lastly, a key reason why our construction costs are kept low is because we build at cost with no margins. Low costs and staying within budget is important, this is the service we will provide.

How long does the construction phase take?

This depends on the size and complexity of the build. However, for an average-sized townhouse build this generally takes 6-9 months.

If my project has already begun construction will you take over management of the project?

Shorcom accepts projects regardless of the stage the project is at. This means we accept projects from their inception as well as projects that are ready to build or have started construction. Reach out today and let's discuss your situation and see how we may be able to help.

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