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Finding the Root of Leaky Homes Issue in NZ

In our recently published article with NZ Property Investor magazine, February 2023 edition, we explore different building materials, their weathertightness performance, and how these contribute to the leaky homes issue that persists in New Zealand. When discussing weathertightness, cladding, joinery, and wall junctions garner a lot of attention, but how effective are construction systems?

Our article goes into detail comparing building materials such as treated and untreated timber, steel, and concrete. There is one material that outperforms the others; swimming pool formula, poured in place, steel reinforced, waterproof concrete. This concrete is made waterproof using a KIM mineral additive that has received Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) approval. Water is not able to penetrate the concrete, therefore there is no absorption, swelling, or cracking. Additionally, it is composed of inert materials which prevents decay and degradation.

At Shorcom we exclusively build with Insulated Concrete Formwork - where the concrete being used has been waterproofed. The solution to New Zealand's leaky homes may lie in this waterproof concrete, which would address the issue from the inside-out.

Pick up a copy of the February 2023 NZ Property Investor magazine at your local supermarket to read our full article. Alternatively, if you are subscribed to the magazine you can view our article digitally here:

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